Other Topics

Admitting Into Evidence Computer Graphics and Simulations

A paper authored by Tom Williamson for a trial demonstration program of the Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys, Williamsburg, Va. October 4, 2002.

Using Medical Literature To Prove Damages

A presentation by Tom Williamson, Jr. and Carolyn Lavecchia about how they use the medical literature to effectively represent injured persons.

Iqbal: A Watershed Vignette in a Long Saga.

Tom Williamson shares with the reader his perspective that the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Ashcroft v. Iqbal represents the latest effort to disempower the trial bar from using discovery tools created by the 1938 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to hold corporations and government officials accountable for harmful conduct.

Impact of Ahlborn on Virginia Medicaid Lien Law

Tom Williamson discusses the impact of Arkansas Dept. of Health and Human Servs. v. Ahlborn, 547 U.S. 268 (2006) on Virginia Law Governing Medicaid Liens and suggests changes to conform Virginia’s statutes to federal Medicaid law.

The Deadman Statute 2020 Ed (April 2020)

The admission of evidence in a wrongful death lawsuit is subject to Virginia’s “Deadman’s Statute.” Understanding this statute is critical to determining how and what evidence will be presented at a trial where one of the parties to the incident giving rise to the litigation is deceased. In 2004, Tom Williamson authored a widely acclaimed article about this important statute. He has again revised and updated this article.