Expert Witnesses

A Horse to Ride: Finding Experts

Medical malpractice and products liability lawsuits almost always require the testimony of qualified experts. In this article, published in the VTLA Journal, Tom Williamson provides valuable tips for locating qualified experts who are willing to testify for the plaintiff.

The Expert Witness

The Expert Witness. A book chapter authored by Tom Williamson, Jr. surveying the law of Virginia governing experts.

Admissibility Of Expert Testimony in Virginia Courts

Tom Williamson provides an overview of Virginia law concerning the admissibility of expert testimony. He addresses the necessary qualifications to testify as an expert as well as the subject matters where expert testimony is admissible in Virginia courts.

Expert Cross Exam Prep: Kick It Up a Notch

Tom Williamson describes his approach to preparing his cross exam of  the opponent’s expert witnesses. This article was prepared as a part of a presentation Tom made to the attendees at the 2013 Virginia Trial Lawyers Association convention in Williamsburg, Virginia on March 23, 2013.