Defective Products


Bausch & Lomb recently recalled its ReNu with MoistureLoc® contact lens solution from the worldwide marketplace. This solution has reportedly been linked to dangerous fungal eye infections known as fusarium keratitis. If untreated this infection can damage the cornea and possibly lead to blindness. The attorneys of Williamson Law are ready to assist those injured by MoistureLoc® contact lens solution with proven legal counsel.

Federal Preemption in Product Liability Claims

Many defective products which injure our clients are subject to federal regulation and control – automobiles, railroads, drugs and medical devices, etc. The impact of such legislation can be critical. This essay authored by Tom Williamson provides a general overview of some of the federal preemption principles, how specific federal regulations preempt various medical product liability claims, and a brief overview of some other products which are federally regulated. Please visit our Defective Products and Virginia Law practice section for more information.

Asking the Right Questions: Admitting into Evidence Expert Opinions in a Products Liability Lawsuit

In a products liability lawsuit the plaintiff must introduce into evidence expert testimony to prove the defect and the cause of his injuries. In this article Tom Williamson discusses Virginia law on the admission of expert testimony in a products liability action.